Visitor Guide

Checking out a new place can be overwhelming.  We hope this overview
helps you plan your visit and know what to expect.

Service Details

Sunday morning services begin with an opening song, followed by a greeting, Scripture reading, and children’s message.  Children in grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are then released to Kidsway Worship, our children’s church option for elementary age students.

Corporate worship is typically 4-5 songs, a mix of contemporary music and familiar hymns led by our Praise team and band followed by a sermon, delivered by our Pastor, Dean Ropp, which is typically 25-30 minutes long.  We close the service with a song, prayer, and announcements.


We offer paved parking in the front and rear of the building, with overflow (gravel and grass) parking on the right side. Designated visitor parking is near the front doors. A covered portico for drop-off can be found in the back for those rainy days.

How should I dress?

Whatever makes you comfortable! We are an age-diverse congregation who all get along well.  You will see plenty of casual wear (jeans, short sleeves) as well as more formal (dress slacks, coats and ties, dresses).

When should I arrive?

Bible study classes start at 9:30a and corporate worship service begins  at 11a. You will be greeted at the door and in the front foyer by volunteers willing to answer any questions you may have. The front foyer is a gathering place for fellowship before and after the service. Hot coffee and tea are available.

Where do my children go?

Birth through Pre-K will be cared for in classes for the duration of the morning (9:30a  - 12:15p) with age-appropriate Bible activities and lessons.

Kindergarten through 5th grade can attend age-appropriate Bible study classes at 9:30a and attend Kidsway Worship during the worship service.

There is a computer check-in kiosk in the front foyer. Each child is checked in using the kiosk to provide information and to obtain a child name tag and matching pick-up tag.

Where do Middle and High Schoolers go?

Youth in Grades 6-12 have Sunday morning Bible study classes at 9:30a in the Youth Building. The Youth Building is located behind the Main Building, easily accessible from the rear doors of the Main Building as well as from the rear parking lot. Youth students attend the 11a  Worship Service.

Additional Youth events, discipleship groups, and other activities are offered on Sunday nights as well as many other dates throughout the year.