We Livestream every Sunday...

Posted on March 14th, 2020

Our streaming ministry utilizes a large third party server that handles thousands of livestreams from Churches across the country, and is very reliable. That said, issues occasionally come up.

We recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser if possible.

Live video streaming requires moving a lot of data, and pausing or stuttering can occur when your device or connection can't keep up. If that should happen, here are some things to try:

1. Stop the player and restart it.

2. Refresh the page (F5 / Command R)

3. Close your Browser, re-open and try again. This resets the connection.

4. Re-boot your device and try again. This clears your computer's memory and resources.

5. Switch to a different device if there's one available.

6. As a last resort... if your device is connected to a modem (either wirelessly or with a cable) you can try unplugging the power cable for the modem for ten seconds, and re-plugging it. It will take a minute or two to re-connect to the Internet.